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I recently purchased an expensive Pentair pool pump from them ($800+). They sent me an item that appears to be an open-box or possibly used or refurbished item. My reasonings are:

- The product was not properly packed, and it's dusty from the outside.

- I also found several scratches on the exterior surface.

- Most importantly, I found a copy from the owner's manual that shows the product parts but with handwritten note stating "#6 is jammed into #5"!

When I voiced my concern and requested a new item to be shipped to me, all I received from Sunplay is that I quote "we only shipped out new items to our customers". The owner even threatened that since I purchased the product from the Internet, I will be subject to the restocking fee along with the shipping charge to ship it back if I decide to return this item. He even claimed that the credit card company would have to follow their "return policy" should I want to go through my credit card company to dispute the charges.

Sunplay kept on pushing me to deal this issue directly with Pentair, the manufacture, and stated that this is a warranty issue. But when I spoke to Pentair rep, I was told judging from the note, they think this item that I received has been dropped to the ground and the motor might have been damaged therefore the note "#6 is jammed into #5." Even if I install it, it'll not be covered under manufacturer warranty since this item has already been damaged.

So I caution anyone who is considering purchasing products from Sunplay. They are a dishonest and deceptive company that does not treat their customer fairly!!

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